We take over the recruitment process for European IT companies to build a top-tier tech teams with the professionals from European Union. With our expertise in IT you will get the best-matched tech talents to join your team.
Build your dream team
from EU Citizens
Results-Driven Hiring
We set the price for filling the position in the contract, and you only pay when the employee starts working
Hiring Made Easy
Focus on interviews while we take over the search and selection of the best-matching candidates
Our interest is not on candidates with high salaries as our fee is not dependent on their pay. Our mission is to identify the best-matching and valuable talents to meet your objectives, and we only charge when we achieved this goal. We are your allies in talent acquisition.
There are 9 million IT professionals in the European Union, and we carefully select a small group of top-tier candidates who are interested in working with your company. Our hiring ratio is 5:1, so you may need up to 9 interviews to find the perfect fit for your team.
A recruiting process fastened by AI
With the power of technology, we can assess millions of potential candidates and select the best to meet your hiring needs. We can fill your positions from start to finish in 4 to 8 weeks. Your company spends the right amount of time to hire and onboard a new employee, and save time and money.
Focus on Tech
We empower European tech companies to build a sustainable future
We are focused on European tech companies from Startups to Corporations in fast-growing industries (ML/AI applications, FinTech, PropsTech, Life Science and many more). No matter the discipline, years of experience, or cutting-edge technologies involved, we're equipped to handle any technical role.
IT Architect
IT Consultant
IT Engineer
Project Leader
System developer
System Administrator
Frontend Developer
Backend Developer
SalesForce Developer
Full Stack Developer
JavaScript Developer
Cloud Architect
Software Engineer
Mobile App Developer
QA Engineer
Experienced talents from the European Union can work in your company without the need for a work permit
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Expanded Talent Pool

Access a pool of 9 million English-speaking IT professionals from the European Union to find highly skilled and experienced individuals who can join your company.
how to find a senior developer

Break the Limits

Pay the right wage without limits. You don't have to set a minimum salary as you would for employees from outside the European Union.
Recruitment agency with guaranteed results

Diverse Mindset

Enhance your projects with varied perspectives and skills from IT professionals across different European countries, fostering innovation and effective problem-solving within your team.
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Benefit from affordable hiring options by tapping into the European market, allowing you to find skilled professionals at competitive rates without compromising on quality.
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Attract talents who are truly
passionate about being part of ambitious companies and making a world-changing impact.
Recruitment agency with guaranteed results

Deliver in Time

Most candidates are ready to start working in your company within a month after the offer is signed. Hire new employees without any project delays.
iTalents is a modern tech recruitment agency founded by an IT professional. We came from inside the IT industry, so we understand your needs and know who’s your best candidate.

Our experience in software development spans 12 years. During this time, we managed to be both candidates and employers, and we perfectly understand the market from both sides. We know how to interest your potential future colleague and how to select the best fit for your company.
Why iTalents
  • Experience

    Expertise in the IT industry thanks to over

    a decade experience in software


  • Market insight

    Thorough understanding of the market

    from both the candidate and employer perspective

  • Careful screening

    Our experienced tech experts assess every candidate to ensure the highest

    standards are met

  • Stay ahead of the game

    Our commitment to staying up-to-date with all technologies gives us a unique advantage over other recruitment agencies

  • Unique service

    We aim to gather the finest IT specialists and create groundbreaking solutions, setting us apart and affording us the opportunity to provide a unique service to our clients

  • AI-powered sourcing

    Get the top IT talents with our AI-powered sourcing tools. Revolutionize your recruitment process and experience faster, more accurate matching to fill vacant positions efficiently

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