Community approach to attract TOP foreign IT experts fluent in English with the right mix of technical proficiency, creativity, and adaptability to drive your business forward
Hire IT professionals
  • 10+
    Years in software development,
    management and recruitment
  • 3+
    Days to present you the shortlist
    of relevant candidates
  • 50k+
    Qualified foreign IT specialists
    in our community
technical recruitment agency


We will provide you with a qualified specialist who is relevant to your needs within 4 weeks and ready to sign a contract
how to find a senior developer


We review 100 resumes before sending 5-7 of the best ones to you
Recruitment agency with guaranteed results


We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our agency's services
recruitment agency with pay-as-you-go


We are committed to delivering results. You will only be required to make full payment once the candidate has commenced work.
Where to find a developer


We conduct a global search and select professionals from our community
Professional selection of IT specialists


We know which developers create the result and achieve your business goals
Why iTalents

iTalents is a modern tech recruitment agency founded by an IT professional. We came from inside the IT industry, so we understand your needs and know who’s your best candidate.

Working in software development for over 10 years, we managed to be both employees and employers. We know how to interest your potential future colleague and how to select the best fit for your company
  • Experience
    Over 10+ years of experience in software development gives us a deep understanding of the industry
  • Market insight
    Our thorough understanding of the market from both the candidate and employer perspective sets us apart
  • Thorough screening
    Our experienced team leader personally conducts all candidate screenings to ensure the highest standards are met
  • Stay ahead of the game
    Our commitment to staying up-to-date with all IT news and terms gives us a unique advantage in the market
  • Access to foreign talent
    With access to a pool of foreign, English-speaking IT specialists, we can provide you with the high-level talent that's hard to find in the Danish IT labor market
  • Shaping the future
    Join us in revolutionizing the IT recruitment industry and experience the competitive advantages of iTalents
    for yourself

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