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People are the foundation of a successful business. We help talented English-speaking senior and middle developers and outstanding companies find each other. Boost your team by foreign talents on all stacks.

From our own experience as IT professionals we realized how important the hiring process is for a candidate and company.

Based on seeing both sides, as a candidate and as a client we defined this pillars for our service:

Within 4 weeks you will have a relevant specialist who is ready to sign a contract. Since we are engaged in the selection of foreign specialists, it is important to say that these are people who have either already moved to Denmark, or are ready to do it in the near future or if necessary, so the location of the developer does not affect the speed of selection. Moreover, we are faster than internal recruiters who are looking for the Danish domestic market.
We select not only a professional, but also a person. To do this, we hold a briefing to understand your needs, the specifics of the corporate culture. Based on this, we compile a list of soft skills that are required from a person. Moreover, we are looking for a person for specific tasks, so we are also testing for hard skills. The result is that we review 100 resumes before sending 3-5 of the best ones to you.
We guarantee satisfaction from the use of our agency's services, starting from the moment of application, ending with the adaptation of the employee. We work as transparently as possible, we always stay in touch - you can call or write to us or meet. At your request, we are ready to provide all information on the selection process and answer all questions, including assistance in conducting an interview. Ultimately, if the developer has not satisfied you within 3 months, we will replace the candidate for free.
The right match
Our selection of foreign specialists from our English-speaking community offers you access to top-notch professionals with whom you can build a strong connection. These are exceptional individuals who have completed our training program and honed their skills under our guidance to ultimately help grow and maximize the profits of your business.
Our technology recruitment agency comprehends your requirements and those of your potential hires. Simply inform us about the tasks and processes of your business, and rest assured that we will be there every step of the way. This way, you'll end up with a dependable specialist possessing the required skills, motivated to help you reach your business objectives and proficient in the necessary technologies.
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