The process

With our attentive approach, we stay in close contact with our clients and provide comprehensive guidance throughout the recruitment process. At any time you can find out the stage of recruiting your future employee. Every relevant candidate is checked by professional and personal profile tests as well as a selection by a technical specialist.
How we search and select

Our process of searching and selecting candidates is based on the use of AI tools. Why do you need it:
  • Speed

    AI tools automate the reviewing of thousands of resumes simultaneously, multiplying the search process's speed. This saves time by swiftly identifying qualified candidates who meet the employer's requirements. With our AI-powered recruitment, you can quickly get the shortlist of relevant candidates, freeing up time for other recruitment tasks.
  • Quality

    AI tools eliminate the human factor in sourcing, ensuring objective evaluations based on specific criteria. By leveraging AI, you can accurately target candidates who possess the required skills and qualifications. This enhances the quality of hires and client satisfaction by finding the perfect fit for each job.
  • Optimization

    The process of finding a suitable candidate sometimes takes weeks. Due to AI recruiting, the search process takes only a few hours to a couple of days. You lose less time and resources, business processes do not stand idle due to the lack of the right person in the team.
How do we work
IT recruitment agency
Briefing session
We clarify the profile and the portrait of your future employee. We sign the contract with you, discuss every detail of our collaboration. Only after receiving all the details of the vacancy, your wishes and requirements, we get to work.
IT Recruiting
iTalents uses AI-powered sourcing to provide quick and qualified selection of top IT talent. Our algorithms analyze candidate data from over 10 different sources for accurate matching. Access a diverse pool of IT talent and fill vacant positions more efficiently with iTalents.
Tech recruitment agency
We check every application we get and make the primary selection by resume. After that we communicate with the selected candidates and provide an assessment of soft and hard skills. The best ones will go to the shortlist we send to you with the assessment results we have made.
hire an IT professional
The client conducts interviews with the candidates he prefers. We stay in touch during the whole process, help to organize the interview and request a feedback after so it helps to find the right specialist for you.
hire a senior developer Copenhagen
Job start
After the candidate is hired, we send you recruitment process statistics. We also assist with the entire relocation process, including documentation, bank account setup, and finding housing. If remote work is of interest, we help with organization for a smooth transition.
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We support the candidate's onboarding by providing company information and facilitating contract signing after they start. Within 3 months, we follow up on their performance. If something went wrong, we guarantee a free replacement of our candidate.
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