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An IT Architect is a critical role within any organization that relies on technology to operate. An IT Architect will be responsible for designing, developing and maintaining complex and scalable IT systems that meet the needs of the organization. If there is a need to create a new IT infrastructure from scratch or optimize existing systems, IT Architects have the skills and expertise to help achieve these goals.

To excel in this position, an IT Architect will need a combination of hard skills. On the technical side, professionals must have in-depth knowledge of cloud computing, cybersecurity, data science and architecture design principles. A proficient specialist should be acquainted with a variety of technologies, programming languages, and platforms and have the expertise to suggest optimal solutions that align with the organization's needs.

IT Architects require a set of soft skills in addition to technical knowledge. Effective communication, leadership, and management skills are essential for IT Architects to work with stakeholders and clients. Problem-solving and critical thinking are essential for addressing complex issues. Collaboration and teamwork are essential for complex projects with multiple contributors. The ability to adapt to change and work independently with a strong work ethic are also important.

IT Architect skills

  • Technical expertise in a range of technologies, including software, hardware, and networks.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Java, C++, or Python.
  • Knowledge of database management systems, such as Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL.
  • Understanding of cloud computing platforms, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.
  • Familiarity with security protocols and best practices, such as firewalls, encryption, and access controls.
  • Ability to design and implement network infrastructure, including LAN, WAN, and VPN.
  • Proficiency in project management tools, such as JIRA, Trello, or Asana.
  • Understanding of ITIL and other IT service management frameworks.
  • Experience with virtualization technologies, such as VMware or Hyper-V.
  • Knowledge of agile development methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban.
Functional architect
The architect is more responsible for communicating with the customer, as a result of which he comes up with the design of the system or software he needs, and then coordinates the process of creating and assembling them from individual components.
Technical architect
The technical architect designs and oversees the implementation of a system's technical architecture. They collaborate with programmers and provide guidance throughout the development process to ensure a scalable, secure, and efficient system.

IT Architect responsibilities

  • Designing and implementing complex technological systems for organizations.
  • Analyzing and understanding the business requirements of an organization and developing solutions that meet those requirements.
  • Developing technology standards and policies, and ensuring that these policies are adhered to by other IT professionals within the organization.
  • Ensuring that the systems they design and implement are secure, reliable, and meet the business needs of the organization.
  • Overseeing the implementation of the systems they design, working closely with other IT professionals to ensure that the systems are installed and configured correctly.
  • Developing and maintaining the technical architecture of an organization.
  • Providing technical leadership and guidance to other IT professionals within the organization.
  • Communicating complex technical information to non-technical stakeholders in a clear and concise manner.
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest technological trends and developments, and applying this knowledge to the systems they design and implement.
  • Ensuring that the systems they design and implement are scalable and can meet the future needs of the organization.

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IT Architect salary

The average salary for IT architect in 2023 per month in Denmark is 60 Kkr.

  • An entry level it solutions architect (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of 845.545 kr.. per year.
  • A senior level it solutions architect (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of 1.437.784 kr. per year
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